An orangutan can press a button on a scanner that presents a cookie-cutter report. Generating real results that create an end-game of safe security requires the human mind.

2015: How To Set Yourself Up For IT Security Failure.

Do not skimp on security, it will only cause blow back.


Think You Are Safe? Here is a Throwback to 2008….

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. lost 130 million payment card numbers to a cybercrime gang in 2008, its chief executive, Robert Carr, has been telling people to encrypt more of their data. The idea: If card numbers are encrypted from the instant they enter retailer computers, there’s not a lot that hackers can do with it.…

WordPress wp business intelligence lite plugin sql injection vulnerability

2015 WordPress SQL Injection Vulnerability

WordPress WP Business Intelligence Lite Plugin SQL Injection Vulnerability Alert: There is an IT security alert detailing WordPress wp business intelligence lite plugin sql injection vulnerability which poses a moderately critical threat and impacts … read more about it at

Generally, you’ll see these terms used extremely loosely (if not interchangeably): but that’s something of a tragedy, as each strand is concerned with a different type of discourse, a different type of truth to help us get to the end-line, that of finding out what happened.

Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, and Cryptology. What is the difference?

The short answer is that the three are very different. Take note of their differences: Cryptography is writing hidden messages – a historical / forensic approach. Cryptanalysis is analysing hidden messages – a statistical / analytical approach. Cryptology is reading hidden messages – a linguistic / code-breaking approach. Generally, you’ll see these terms used extremely…

Tenable Nessus says that the are "the most widely deployed vulnerability scanner in the world". Truth be told I have not seen the data but I am always impressed when I use it as a stage-1 step in web application testing. It almost always gives me great leads to follow through stage-2 tools and manual testing.

What Is The Latest News on Nessus? Version 6 – See The Latest Features Of This Top Ranked Vulnerability Scanner!

The latest version, Nessus v6, enables you to reduce your attack surface by enforcing compliance and system hardening policies. Nessus users will more easily be able to create and customize compliance and security policies while also being able to manage scan results, schedules, and policies.