2015: How To Set Yourself Up For IT Security Failure.

Gone are the innocent days of writing software that performed functions that served a specific purpose. Here are the days of coding that is being sliced, hammered, hacked and whacked in order to gain entry to that which should not be gained entry.

How do you set yourself up for IT security failure?

By not making it the predominant, foremost priority in your SDLC.

Many businesses are not familiar with terms such as:

– Premeditated security strategies.
– Security architecture.
– Application threat modeling.
– Making security a vital part of the SDLC.
– Risk assessment.
– Cloud testing.
– Mobile testing.

An orangutan can press a button on a scanner that presents a cookie-cutter report. Generating real results that create an end-game of safe security requires the human mind.

Do not skimp on security, it will only cause blow back.



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