What Is The Latest News on Nessus? Version 6 – See The Latest Features Of This Top Ranked Vulnerability Scanner!

Tenable Nessus says that the are “the most widely deployed vulnerability scanner in the world”. Truth be told I have not seen the data but I am always impressed when I use it as a stage-1 step in web application testing. It almost always gives me great leads to follow through stage-2 tools and manual testing.

It boasts “tight integration with malware defenses, patch management tools, BYOD, firewalls, cloud infrastructure and virtualized systems.”

They also say that there are more “supported technologies than any other vendor: operating systems, network devices, hypervisors, databases, tablets, phones, web servers and critical infrastructure.”

So… what is new with Tenable Nessus¬†these days? v6!

– The latest version, Nessus v6, enables you to reduce your attack surface by enforcing compliance and system hardening policies. Nessus users will more easily be able to create and customize compliance and security policies while also being able to manage scan results, schedules, and policies.

Keeping Nessus v6 up-to-date is now an automated process and provides you with more control over the update process.

Easily integrate Nessus into your existing security processes with a new API, which is fully documented and accessible from within the Nessus UI.


Jock Pereira | jockpereira.com | jockster@gmail.com | 978-666-4000


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