WordPress wp business intelligence lite plugin sql injection vulnerability

2015 WordPress SQL Injection Vulnerability

WordPress WP Business Intelligence Lite Plugin SQL Injection Vulnerability Alert: There is an IT security alert detailing WordPress wp business intelligence lite plugin sql injection vulnerability which poses a moderately critical threat and impacts … read more about it at http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/36600/. Advertisements

Myths versus reality. Is SQL injection on the rise or the decline? An interesting discussion between two articles.

Is it actually true? SQL injection vulnerabilities surge to highest levels in three years, according to DB Networks analyzed statistics from the National Vulnerability Database, a federally funded repository of cyber-vulnerability data maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Article #1: “After years of steady decline, 2014 witnessed a significant uptick in SQL injection vulnerabilities identified in publicly released software packages. DB Networks research indicates this alarming fact is directly attributed to today’s software development methodology – an emphasis on deadlines and budgets that gives short shrift to the kind of security due diligence…

SQL injection

SQL Injection Exploits a Button Click Away? No!

An SQL injection attack is perhaps still the worst enemy of a corporation. Simply put it allows a malicious person, entity, “codebot” or even a nation to draw information out of a corporations/governments databases and use this to nefarious means. Is the cure for these sort of attacks simply the use of automated scans using…