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2015: Five Simple Steps to Protect Corporate Data

Mr. Bejtlich and some other Washington types are pushing for more hacker prosecutions and more transparency about how the government will respond to attacks like the major breach at Sony.“Make their lives more difficult,” he says.

“That doesn’t mean we need to roll over and say, ‘Bad things are going to happen,’ ” he says. “We need to decrease the number of bad things happening.”

Hackers accelerate their efforts and morph their techniques - what we can do. A short list of things to consider.

IT security, aka, protecting your company from hackers, has morphed rapidly.

As the world has changed and new technology has emerged there are newer concepts and terms that business owners and managers need to intimately understand. IT security threats have never been more prolific and advanced. While the days of hard drives and desktop computers is hardly over there has been quite the paradigm shift in…

It seems like the storyline and endgame are increasingly repetitive when it comes to hacking.

The Massive Breach at Sony Pictures Has Raised Fears That Cyber Crime Is Outpacing Corporate Security

When it comes to security best practices, Is it not prevention versus detection? Proactive mitigation or mopping up after the fact? Proactive risk assessment or trying to come up with an excuse once valuable data/info has been stolen?

Therefore IT audits and internal penetration testing before someone else (who you do not know) “audits” or “pen-tests” or simply hacks your environment are crucial.