The Massive Breach at Sony Pictures Has Raised Fears That Cyber Crime Is Outpacing Corporate Security

It seems like the storyline and endgame are increasingly repetitive when it comes to hacking.

Spend several thousand dollars and get your IT assets tightened. This is important.

Some questions, food for thought.

When it comes to security best practices, is it not prevention versus detection? Proactive mitigation or mopping up after the fact? Proactive risk assessment or trying to come up with an excuse once valuable data/info has been stolen?

Therefore IT audits and internal penetration testing before someone else (who you do not know) “audits” or “pen-tests”  or simply hacks your environment are crucial.

The massive breach at Sony Pictures has raised fears that cyber crime is outpacing corporate security and that hackers have achieved a new height of technical ingenuity in their attacks.

More on this here.


Jock Pereira | | | 978-666-4000


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