2015 NADA – How To Get Home With A Blizzard In Your Destination?

How do you get home?

Airlines have canceled 3,700 flights ahead of the east coast storm which many are calling “catastrophic” and “potentially historic”. What makes things more difficult is that there were reports of bombs on target airplanes in Atlanta Airport. I have no idea what the backlog is but the fact is that travel will be like molasses for a while, especially for an event like 2015 NADA and those traveling to the east coast.

The trick to beating this thing is to get as close to your destination as possible, as hundreds upon hundreds of people will be trying to get out of San Francisco and bound for the east coast. Chances are that it will be difficult to get a flight out to the east unless you plan on sleeping on chairs at the airport.

If you are headed to JFK or BOS think about alternate airports. This blizzard could take away several precious days of your time. Call the airlines (Kayak is a great place to start) in your area:

See an earlier post where I list alternate airports. Even if you need to stay the night in an airport hotel and rent a car one-way, it may be worth your trouble.

Think about flying into Providence, RI, Hartford, CT, Manchester, NH – even JFK or EWR and renting a one-way vehicle to get home.

I did this once from Richmond, VA to Washington D.C. Called ahead for a flight and was home for dinner.

Some references, I hope they help if you are stuck:

San Francisco Airports: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airports_in_the_San_Francisco_Bay_Area

Kayak (search for nearby airports to your next destination): http://www.kayak.com/

Having been to NADA a number of times, and having experienced delays, if you need some help with flight plans just give me a call.


Jock Pereira | jockpereira.com | jockster@gmail.com | 978-666-4000


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