2015 NADA Travel Delays – Take Advantage of Bombogenesis – Do Not Let It Get You Down – Blizzard – East Coast – Two+ Feet of Snow – Hopefully Not!

2015 San Francisco attendees to 2015 NADA:

If you are traveling back tomorrow or Tuesday to the north coast, heed the term Bombogenesis.

“‘Bombogenesis’ follows from ‘cyclogenesis,’ which refers to the development of a cyclone (which, in turn, is usually synonymous with a low pressure system, or low),” writes senior meteorologist Stu Ostro.

“Bombs are so-named because of the rapidity with which they develop, which evokes explosiveness, and the power that they usually attain once they have gone through the intensification phase specified in the definition (a central pressure drop of at least 24 millibars, or 24 mbars, in 24 hours).”

Some thoughts if you are traveling back to the East Coast tomorrow and arriving tomorrow night: there is a chance that you’ll blow into a significant snowstorm. If you are traveling from KSFO (San Francisco International Airport), or OAK, KOAK,  (Oakland International Airport)

It seems like it was a short time ago that a convention ended with incredible travel delays. But now its NADA 2015.

Now, given that the Northeast braces for a massive snowstorm the same situation could be repeating itself.

Coastal regions from New York to Boston are bracing for a whopper of a snowstorm that could bring up to two feet of snow. Perhaps more.

The NWS meteorologists say the storm will “start edging into the region overnight then turn up the coast”.

A blizzard watch is in effect for Boston from Monday night through early Wednesday. Wind gusts of 60 MPH or more are possible.

Stay patient if your flights are cancelled. Safety first. You’ll get home once it is safe.

In the meantime if you are stuck at an airport consider this: how secure is the WIFI connection you are using. Many people have told me stories about trolling for PII just for the heck of it at airport locations. Are you secure? How do you know it? What steps have you taken besides simply signing up for 24 hours of internet access? What device are you using? Android? iPhone? iPad? Right now, at your hotel, in your car, at the airport — Are you sure that right now someone is not looking at your personal photos, your app data, you messages and your email on whatever device that you might consider to be secure?

More importantly:

Stay near the departure kiosk to ensure you can hear all flight updates clearly. Follow the instructions of the kiosk. personnel, including leaving legible name and contact information in cases of extended delays. Keep your cell phone on and within reach to avoid missing important updates. Most of NADA instructors, participants, visitors and networkers are seasoned travelers but after a few days of intense interaction and networking the tendency is to be particularly exhausted. Keep in mind:

Keep yourself busy to avoid getting restless or angry. Converse with other passengers to pass time and possibly make new contacts.

From personal experience, just be friendly, give them your first name and company name and repeat it a few times.

In this day and age “the gold goes to the friendly”. I have not yet trademarked that but it is true.

Stay in a close to front seat in the gate, smile, do not look like a grump. Positive human nature gravitates to the positive impact of the pleasant. Network. At least explain why you are there, why you are stuck and hand out a business card.

While this does not always work, if there is a blizzard that hits the East Coast of The United States you’ll eventually get home with plenty of stories and plenty of legitimate excuses why you were not back on time. And you will have used your time, perhaps some of it with dealer principals (you know what they look like), networking through 2015 NADA Travel Delays.

It is the small things in life that matter most. The big things do matter sometimes.

But it is how we react to both that truly matters most.

If you live on the East Coast and are hit by delays yet again (think 2014), enjoy your downtime!

There will always be NADA 2016.

And, I hope, you do not have any delays!



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