PortSwigger Burp Suite Does It Again!

Announced Thursday, January, 2015, was the arrival of the new Burp Suite Support Center.

Although support for Burp Suite has always been great this takes things to new heights.

Burp is a comprehensive tool. While its intuitiveness has increased in recent years it still takes a bit of training to use it properly. This is changing now.

The new Support Center gives users education on:

– Installation and configuration of Burp
– Using Burp
– Burp Proxy
– Burp Scanner
– Burp Intruder

There are community discussions such as:

– How do I supply a preconstructed target site list?
– Testing through Cisco Smart Tunnel
– Saving Burp sessions
– How to run multiple sessions while scanning applications through Burp?
– Burp updates (very important).

The Support Center is a single portal where you can:

– Read helpful articles on using Burp
– Search all content
– Engage in community discussions
– Send private emails to the Burp Suite support team
– View all of your support interactions with us
– Watch tutorial videos (coming soon)

I recommend Burp to a lot of people and one common question I get is where do I go to find video tutorials. When this feature rolls out it will be very beneficial to penetration testers/ethical hackers everywhere.

Learn more about Burp and its features at http://www.portswigger.net



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