Security | 2014 | A Quick Retrospective | 5 Minutes To Midnight Atlantic Time

It is just about 5 minutes until midnight, 2015. I am in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST).

A quick retrospective on 2014. I could use terms like IT security and penetration testing but lets get real for a moment.

It is simply about protecting proprietary data from whatever means nefarious individuals use to get it.

It was a bad year for security in general.

People are getting greedier, they are grasping for more.

I cannot say this enough, its not just IT security, it is people conning other people.

It is people with less and less ethical behavior.

It is people grasping at straws to get a buck or simply be mischievous.

So what does 2015 hold in store?

The simple and easy answer? More of the same.

I would love to see SQLi fall off the charts but that is still at least a year or two away.

Social engineering will pass its sound barrier and push the button on its afterburner. This is going to go supersonic simply because the Gaussian function is already trending.

If you want some interesting scenarios relative to social engineering please hit me up. It is not hard to pull off. But some imagination is needed.

Mark my words. It is time to train employees in the wily ways of social engineering.


Jock Pereira | | | 978-666-4000


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