A Diversion From Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing: How Do You Get Your Mobile App Downloaded?

Think. What is the first thing a person’s eyeballs would gravitate to when looking for your online application. Really think.

I am in the IT security, penetration testing, SQA business but I do know that ‘eye candy’ postures and embeds itself inside the brain of viewers who are thinking of performing a single click to download an application that will serve a purpose. Is it the few words beside the icon? Or is it the icon?

A very successful businessman and entrepreneur, Jason Sherman, recently posted this article on how to strike at the heart and the brain in getting visitors of online stores to download your hard earned app:

Heed his advice. It works.


Jock Pereira | jockster@gmail.com | 978-666-4000 | http://www.jockpereira.com


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