Why North Korea Might Be The Sony Culprit

I don’t know about you but whenever I see news releases from North Korea they seem to be pretty staunch, to the point, but, admittedly, well worded (grammatically) and bold. With a healthy dose of imperialistic dominative tongue.

With this whole Sony thing the messages lack the same… luster, or… prolific linguality.

However lets cover the basic points…

  • Its been three weeks since Sony employees were hacked.
  • Terabytes were stolen. Look up terabyte on Google to understand the full implication.
  • Modus operandi. A staunch country with a “supreme ruler”. Squash the movie about its god, and there you have it, there is motive.
  • The malware dropped into Sony was written in Korean.  The language is most often called Chosŏnmal (조선말), or more formally, Chosŏnŏ (조선어)..
  • North Korea has already called the movie an “act of war”.
  • Threats were already issued about the movie in question by North Korea.

That being said it could be copycats trying to gain recognition for their skills and blaming it on NK. A very slim chance.

I think the next 12-24 hours will tell the truth.

Jock Pereira | jockpereira.com | jockster@gmail.com | 978-666-4000


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