Lets Dumb It Down – Its Humans and Computers – Nothing More

“What’s on your mind” – we all see that when we visit Facebook.

You know what is on my mind?

Cyber, social, methodical attacks against businesses and people that work hard to grow their business.

This post sort of dumbs it down a bit but I could use terms like web servers (computers), mainframes (computers), the cloud – oooohhhh (computers) – and that could really dumb it down. Humans. Mistakes. Confidence schemes. Whatever you want to call it.

I am writing and re-posting articles regarding (the grammar is going to get staccato here but for a good reason) how. to. break. into. a. business. and. how. to. prevent. this. from. happening.

Lets cut through the bushes here. I am being polite in my language.

There is more to come. This is going to be a series. For you and your organization, whatever it is, do you have a sense of the full impact of what a true attack could do?

I hope this series is of benefit to you.



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